I detest waiting for the simulator to launch to run tests, especially when the app does anything time-consuming at launch like network calls or configuring a persistence layer.

There is a trick to get around this.

public protocol UIApplicationDelegate : NSObjectProtocol {
  optional public var window: UIWindow? { get set }
open class UIWindow : UIView {
  open var rootViewController: UIViewController? // default is nil

The UIApplicationDelegate has a UIWindow? property, which has a UIViewController? which is the app's rootViewController.

These are all optional properties, so we can give those properties a nil value. With no rootViewController, the app won't create any UIViewControllers, and it won't kick off any of the work they do in the app.

One way to achieve this is as follows:

  1. create another object to be your AppDelegate, we'll call this the TestingAppDelegate
  2. include TestingAppDelegate in your test target only
  3. remove the @UIApplicationMain line from the existing AppDelegate
  4. create a Main.swift file
  5. within Main.swift, we'll set the delegateClassName in our invocation of UIApplicationMain to the empty TestingAppDelegate if we're in the test target, and if we're in the main target we'll use the usual AppDelegate

It looks like this:

// file: TestingAppDelegate.swift

import UIKit

class TestingAppDelegate: NSObject {
    @objc var window: UIWindow?
// file: Main.swift

import UIKit

let test_target = "MyTestTarget"

// if Test Delegate is found, use it otherwise use the default App Delegate
// the Test Delegate is not included as a compile source for the App target
let appDelegateClass: AnyClass? = NSClassFromString("\(test_target).TestingAppDelegate") ?? AppDelegate.self
let args = UnsafeMutableRawPointer(CommandLine.unsafeArgv) .bindMemory(to: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int8>.self, capacity: Int(CommandLine.argc))
UIApplicationMain(CommandLine.argc, args, nil, NSStringFromClass(appDelegateClass!))
// file: AppDelegate.swift

// @UIApplicationMain -- delete or comment this line
class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate

And now when the simulator is launched for your test target, UIWindow? will be nil and the simulator won't do anything so you can get to the testing right away.